Lax Chat with Paul Rabil


Last night Paul Rabil sat down with the good folks at The Lacrosse Network for a 40-mninute chat. Paul answered both TLN and viewer questions, discussing just about everything you’d want to know: his Paul Rabil foundation, his toughest matchup in the MLL, a super-vague reference about playing for UNC, his first lacrosse memory, you name it.

Check out the chat below:

Psst… Hey Paul, one more BURNING question: what’s up with the NLL this season? You in, or what?

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Chris Rosenthall

Chris Rosenthall has been playing both indoor and outdoor lacrosse all over the East Coast for over 15 years. He has spent seven of those years coaching youth and high school programs throughout Northern Virginia, where he currently lives. You can find him on Twitter.

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