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Connor Wilson has all the latest information you need in this hard hitting recap of everything lacrosse.  What’s going on the world? Get in the know using Lax Link-O-Rama as your guide. It’s just like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books but with coaching changes, fall ball schedules, and other lax news.

Another week has passed and LAS is here to supply with the laxiest breakdown of sweet and delicious linkables.  Prepare yourself.  ONLY 365 DAYS UNTIL HOCKEY SEASON! YEAH! kept the posts coming this week and we talked about Johnny Christmas, LEAPS and all the good work that they’re doing in Illadelph proper. Max Seibald let us into his shorter flow world a little bit and we got to know the superstar better.  We also heard from a recent grad about his last glorious summer.  Just wait til grad school, guy!

Newcomer to LAS, Chris Mele, put IL and Denver on blast in his first article and I must say that although I heartily disagree with Melesmeng about lots of things (like I LOVE InsideLacrosse), I had to agree with him on the Denver pick.  It is the future of lacrosse and I believe that with most of my laxxiness but it just isn’t there quite yet.  It is a tough topic to handle though because laxers are a proud bunch and emotions tend to run high.  Big up to IL for having the cajones to make a call, stick with it and defend it to the end!  Keep up the good work, fellas (and Danielle)!

Hopkins came out with their fall schedule, as did Notre Dame.  If you’re looking for a rundown on your favorite squad then bookmark this because in it there is a link to EVERY D1 team with a discussion thread on laxpower.  Not too shabby as a resource!  For an inside look at Denver (NOW with MORE Tierney!) click it right here.

You can also see ex-Denver head coach, Jamie Munro, go through the box-field hybrid that is becoming more and more popular this side of Canadia.

Watch out for dingo's Gary!
Watch out for dingo's Gary!

Did someone say boxla?  Well, the USIL has a combine this weekend in Philly where players come with the end goal of making an NLL roster.  It is basically an open tryout and if you’re good enough they’ll invite you to play on the last day, probably in front of some scouts.  We are lucky enough to have an operative-participant there who will provide us with a nice little recap at some point next week.

Oh, you want some more box lacrosse info? fine.  It’s even making moves in Australia and that is like, on the other side of the planet or something.  Some BIG names like Gait, Steenhuis, etc are heading down under to play some box and if I lived anywhere in Oz, I would make my way to Melbourne to see this spectacle.  In the MCLA, Ben Davies of SFU was drafted into the NLL so we here at LAS wish him the best of luck!

For those of you with enough testosterone to actually grow facial hair, check out the moves LAS has been putting on in the world of Twitter.  We’ve been pimping Moustaches vs Cancer so make sure you check them out! Dan Hardy, Stephen Berger and Scott Kahoe seems pretty interested in rocking a ‘stache… so obviously you should too!  now wasn’t that easy?

The next #22?
The next #22?

In super laxxxy news, one of Cuse’s big time young guns and Maryland transfer, Tony Mendes,  is out for the rest of the fall with a knee injury.  I am willing to bet SU will continue to roll though.  In other Orange news, the fabled #22 seems to have found a new back to grace and that back is owned by the one and only Cody “Jammer” Jamieson.  I can’t think of a better fit for the jersey and one need look no further than last year when Jammer could have sat for the rest of the season to keeo his eligibility but instead stepped in for only a couple of games and ended up scoring the biggest goal of the season.

Speaking of storied, championship programs and what they are doing now… NYIT has a new coach.  Replacing the LEGENDARY Jack Kaley could be tough but Dunn seems like a good start!  Considering he’s been around the golden bears for some time now, the transition should be pretty seamless. As an aside, I still remember during the handshake line after my freshman year scrimmage against NYIT when Kaley stopped, shook my hand and told me, “really keep at it and you’ll be one heck of a player”.  He’s a great guy and anybody who will encourage scrimmage opponents to get better after a brutally cold and windy game is a winner in my book.

There is some SWEET coverage of the blue white US National Team scrimmage right here.  The helmets can NOT be the helmets they will eventually use and neither are the gloves.  I also hope these jerseys aren’t the final cut because they look kind of cheap.  The action on the field, however, was impressive.  I really don’t know how they are going to narrow this group of approximately 43 down to 23.  Tough job to say the least.

Cal-State Fullerton drastically switched up their coaching staff and preliminarily it seems like a good move.  Illinois ex-coach, AJ Stevens, is taking over the reigns of the whole shabang at Mesa State.  Let’s see if Stevens can bring the program up to speed so I actually know who they are.

We’ve been talking a lot about wooden sticks here on LAS lately so if you’re bored this weekend, grab a drink and check out this post so you can learn how to make your own wand, even if you were in the middle of a forest!

Making a lax stick in the woods with Gisele? Sounds like a great little Saturday.
Making a wand in the woods with Gisele? Sounds like a great little Saturday.


  1. I don’t understand what’s so special about this helmet.  We’ve seen matte black before.  Other teams are doing colored and chromed facemasks.  Is it just because this helmet also has a chromed chin piece?  We’re so desperate for new ideas that this is a big deal?

    Don’t get me wrong.  I like the helmet.  Black and orange are great together. I just don’t see anything here that exciting or new.

    • I agree with Connor. What makes this special is that taking a Pro7 apart and making it custom has to happen entirely outside of Cascade’s shop. Easton and Warrior both do matte in house, Cascade and Warrior already do chrome facemasks (in limited colors). But this opportunity allows complete customization of a helmet that I personally don’t care to take apart and put back together on my own. It’s an important step forward in customization, no matter how seemingly small.

      •  I get all that.  Great work by them.  But as a helmet, just based on looks, I think it’s a repeat of an idea that’s been done.  Yes it’s on a cascade.  Yes, it had to be done custom outside of the Cascade factory.  That in itself doesn’t wow me.  Coming up with a completely new look would be more likely to wow me. 

        Again, very cool helmet.  Great look.  Really cool, professionally staged pictures of it.  It just didn’t excite me like it obviously does some of you.  And believe me, I’m not the fashion police.  So I’m not the guy that needs to be impressed.