Lax Rocks Presents the Ultimate Weekender


Editor’s Note: Please welcome Joanne Clarke to! Joanne is 20 years old, studying Law at the University of Birmingham and is currently a social media and communications intern at English Lacrosse.


LaxRocks Presents the Ultimate Weekender

You know Lacrosse rocks, right? English Lacrosse knows it too, and therefore we have partnered with Rugby Rocks to bring you the ultimate lacrosse event! On June 1st and 2nd 2013, ‘Lax Rocks’ will descend on the Athletic Ground in Richmond, London to provide you with the most unforgettable weekend.

After a difficult term of revision, or simply too many hours in the office, we realise you need to let off some steam with our 8 a-side Lacrosse Tournament in London. But have you still got what it takes? You and your team have just ten precious minutes to prove to your opposition who really rocks at Lacrosse, whilst showing Rugby and Netball the true definition of ‘sport’.

If the tournament hasn’t quite satisfied your competitive edge, then head down to the Puma Social tent to battle it out in the ultimate Beer Pong Championships, or join us for a ‘Bash the Beiber’ competition; but don’t go blaming your beer goggles if you aren’t quite up to scratch!

Whether you are drowning your sorrows or (hopefully) celebrating in style, the fun certainly doesn’t end there and as the sunsets, thousands of spectators and participants will prepare for the perfect after party. Lax Rocks commands one vital rule to be followed throughout this weekend; ‘Play hard, party harder’, so look forward to replacing your lacrosse sticks with a cold glass of beer, or a trip on the Pimm’s bus and immerse yourself into the party.

Before the music festival gets into full swing, with some top acts to set the mood, don’t forget to take a pit stop at the Nando’s picnic area for your ‘classier’ takeaway, and line your stomach in preparation for a good ol’rave. Benji stormed the stage last year, supporting headliner Zane Lowe, and is set to produce a similar unique performance, as he accompanies headlining act, Mista Jam, who will set the tone for an immense party!

With many Lacrosse teams already entered, such as Welwyn Warriors, ‘Daddy Bear’ and Hatchend Hawks, this is set to be an unforgettable experience! With over 6,000 spectators in 2012, and 150 Rugby and Netball teams, this year is set to be bigger and better than ever. But don’t take our word for it, enter your team at and join us for the ultimate weekender!