Photo Of The Week: Puppy Meets Lacrosse

Getting ready to attack the stick. It's time for defense.

Bulldog puppies are basically the cutest things on the planet. A baby Tapir might come close, but only if you’re a robot. Throw a lacrosse stick and ball into the mix and you’re going to get an even better photo. And you know what that means? It’s time for the Photo of the Week!

World, please meet Jose Bulldogmanus… a star in the making!

Like any good player, he’s only worried about the ball.
Getting ready to attack the stick. It’s time for defense.

Evidently, Jose was a little terrified of the stick at first, but that’s a fair reaction. After all, it’s still 3 times as long as he is! But the ball was a different story. It is rubber, small and rolls around. Perfect to chase around the house! And yes, you can definitely expect to see more bulldog on LAS in the coming months.