LaxCon Photo Pic-tacular: Round 1

Welcome to Jurassic Park..err LaxCon 10!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few days you are probably aware that the Lax All Stars crew went down Baltimore way for the US Lacrosse National Convention aka LaxCon 2010.  We hobknobed with the laxiest of the laxiest and passed out LAS stickers like it was our job (it was). The grand entrance at the convention was Jurassic Park-esque but we are happy to report that no velociraptors were harmed in the making of this photo recap.

Other than one misguided person calling our snazzy red Lax All Stars polos “bowling shirts” the entire convention went off without a hitch for your favorite lacrosse media outlet.

We have an enormous amount of conversations, reactions, and highlights to report but to kick things off we’d like to share just a few of the photos we took.

Ravens fans were out in force all weekend. Purple and white camo before Labor Day? Puh-leeze.
Co-Founder JBru looking at pictures of Megan Fox in the hotel room. Or prepping lacrosse questions in case we meet Lou Holtz.What are his thoughts on the new head regulations?
LaxAllStars battleplan? No expo booth but over 1000 stickers and our handsome smiles. Cutting them up helped us work on our wrist strength.
Custom knit caps from Vermont were an early favorite at the expo. 412 Lax was less than pleased with the company's customer service however.
An early look at the demo field. Turf thrown over concrete is better than nothing but watch out for those ACL's people.
Checking out the US National team midi demo. Who's excited for an hour and a half speech on the 1-3-2 offense?
Debated for 20 mins over whether or not this was officially licensed Oregon Ducks gear. We were the only ones who cared.
Warning: the side panel on these jerseys have been known to cause seizures. Consult your doctor before use.
Carlo, creator of the College Lacrosse 2010 video game, was a BMOC at LaxCon. Mobs of kids gathered around to test it out. Plus a few LAS team members.
A blurry horde outside the main ballroom for Lou Holtz's keynote speech. Little known fact: the first 100 people were issued US Lacrosse ponchos to guard against Lou overemphasizing the word "lacrosse".

After the convention we convinced former Oregon Ducks coach Andrew Clough to drive us home to NYC. Here is a picture of him with what is clearly a stolen children's umbrella.

Stay tuned for more coverage from LaxCon 10

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