3rd Annual 12 Days of Laxmas

3rd Annual 12 Days of Laxmas

This year’s Grand Prize is a matte grey Cascade ‘R’ Lacrosse Helmet complete with gold face mask and the ‘Black Ops’ HeadWrapz on it!

Ok, I entered above or I bought a Holiday Grab Bag, now what?

Each day at 12pm Eastern, Dec 14-25, we will release a new video announcing the day’s winner(s). Be sure to check LaxAllStars.com every day to find out if you won!

What can I win?

We have a ton of top of the line gear prizes lined up thanks to our partner Lacrosse.com, but we’re not quite ready to tell you what each day will bring. Stay tuned to the website and you’ll see!

By the way, did we mention everybody who gets featured in one of our videos gets a trophy? :)   If your name gets called, you’re bound to win something good – stay tuned!

Merry Laxmas!