Long Pole BTB Goal from X

Knute Kraus Team TLN

If the title of this post alone didn’t intrigue you, I’m not sure what will. This past weekend, I suited up with Team TLN, repping The Lacrosse Network, and Salisbury long pole Knute Kraus made me look really good after I fed him this ball.

The whole play was even better than what is seen here. Knute ran up a fast break, dished me the ball as I was the point man, and I gave it right back to him for the give and go. The keeper made a save, though, and due to short time being left in the quarter, threw it all the way downfield. One of our other poles (who was in his proper spot on the field) caught it, I flashed to the ball, drove, and that’s where the video starts off. One face dodge and pass to Knute coming from behind, and we have a long pole behind the back goal from X.

More highlights from Team TLN’s debut will be coming, so keep checking back in at LAS!

P.S. Knute also looks really good in a Jammy Pack.