LXM PRO Atlanta: Photos, Stats, Video, Recap


The most recent LXM PRO event went down in Atlanta over the weekend, and Team STX came away with the 18-16 win over Maverik United. Maverik held a five goal lead in the fourth quarter, but fell apart at the seams as STX scored 8 straight goals to take the lead, and then hang on for the W. In a little over 10 minutes, STX went from losing 15-10, to winning 18-15, before United notched the last goal of the game. It was a dominant run of goals for Team STX, and the win puts them at 4-2 on the year, while Maverik falls to a complimentary 2-4.

(Editor’s Note: Adrenaline and Maverik are LXM sponsors. They are also proud partners of LAS)


This is not the first time we’ve seen an LXM game between these two teams play out like this. Maverik often jumps out to an early lead, and scores goals with ease in the first and second quarters. The third quarter is also often dominated by Mav, but when it comes to the all-important fourth quarter, it’s usually all STX. When things get crazy, and the game is on the line, STX just seems to have better composure, experience, and will. Maverik too often makes first quarter mistakes late in the game, whereas STX seems to improve as each games progresses.

If it sounds like I’m being harsh on Maverik United, I’m not. The above is simply honest game analysis, and true. If Maverik United wants to start winning more games, they need to close things out better in the fourth quarter. It’s as simple as that. Communication needs to improve on D as the game goes, and the offense needs to value possessions more, while still going hard to the cage at the right times. With their roster of players, I know they can do it, so I’m excited to see if they can turn things around in Dallas, TX on November 9th. Sometimes it takes a couple of games, but we’re at the end of any trial period now.


Maverik was led by Shamel Bratton’s 6 points (3,3), Johnny Christmas’ five points (4,1), and solid outings from Erik Krum (2,1), Zach Brenneman (2 goals), and Brandon Corp (2 goals). Bitter, Torkington, and Ianzito each added a point, and Johnny Rodriguez was solid in net with 18 saves, especially early on in the game.

STX had some big scorers of their own, but got much more balanced scoring from their roster of offensive guys. Xander Ritz equaled Christmas’ mark for goals and an assist in the game, and Sam Bradman (2,3) and Peter Baum (3,2) notched five points a piece as well. Sam Bradman now has 27 points in six games, which is leading the LXM at 4.5 ppg. Not too shabby for a former D3 guy.


Tim Desko scored a hat trick and added a helper, while Kyle Harrison went for 2 goals and an assist, Pat Rodgers and Max Ritz each went for two goals, and Geoff Worley threw in two helpers. Pierce Basset may have looked a little shaky on Maverik’s first four or five goals, but he responded incredibly, finishing with 22 saves, and some truly solid play throughout the rest of the game. He was a big part of their comeback to be sure, and filled in for Russell nicely.

With two events in November, and two in December, both teams have an opportunity to cement themselves as the top dog in the LXM for 2013. Maverik could go on a run and win some games, or STX will keep with their 4th quarter dominance, and roll on. Tune in to see what happens!