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I do this every year, and as always, I ask your forgiveness when it comes to my delayed posts – but I’m playing lacrosse in Hawaii with the Wimmer Solutions guys! Hopefully, you can understand…


My team – my lacrosse family – is off to our usual start. We are currently 3-0 in the Elite and 4-0 in Masters, and looking strong in both divisions. Today Josh Rachman, Anthony Kelly (welcome), Andrew Wasik, and I had a total of 5 games for both squads between 9am and 5pm. It was an all-day grind, but the effort on this organization’s behalf goes way beyond punching the clock. 5 games in Hawaii? How could that be a bad thing?

As a team that this year features nearly 50% newcomers to the Wimmer family, we had some fun gelling and getting to know each other. It is such a pleasure, as a fan of the game, to run with lacrosse legends past, present, and future on these squads. Pannell, Bocklet and Jimmy Dailey have entertained from the attack while we got to observe what Mike Stone, John Ranagan, Max Seibald, and Jeremy Seiverts could bring from up top. Guys never even got out of 2nd gear and had sidelines ooh-ing and ahh-ing regularly. Brett Queener saw little action early and only allowed one goal against when an extra ball rolled onto the field from another game. As a defender, I love having that maniac behind me. No one compliments the defense in front of the goal better.

The Masters division appears to be a cake walk, but by now I know better. The Canucks on Antikis will bring their usual grit and try to lure us out of our gameplay. If we keep it athletic and play smart ball, we should win. But that’s why you play the game, right?

Our Elite Final is going to be one of the best games in the history of the sport. Dirty Lacrosse has loaded up with a good percentage of the entire Canadian national team. I’m so pumped for this – and every year I play my best game here because this is so much more than just another tournament win. Check my next entry for why we play for something bigger then ourselves.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Caught three Mahi! Rachman almost caught a shark. It got away.
Caught three Mahi! Rachman almost caught a shark. It got away.
The view is NEVER bad.


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Malcolm Chase
Malcolm is the Director for RPM Lacrosse Training RPMLAX.COM , and founder of Long Stick Middie specialized camps and training videos. He lives in the city of Boston and is actively involved within the lacrosse community in Beantown. A member of the 2013 Boston Cannons, he played on the LXMPRO Tour for Team STX in 2012. His indoor career extended with the Boston Rockhoppers of the NALL in 2012-2013, after two summers with the Vermont Voyageurs and one season with the US Indoor Lacrosse Developmental squad. Malcolm is passionate about sharing his knowledge and training resources that helped him reach a pro career with student-athletes who are willing to put in the work to achieve an elite performance level.


  1. The Masters wasn’t a total cake walk, Hawaii Lacrosse Masters stepped up and we played our hearts out. Not bad for a rag tag group of weekend warriors. Thanks for a great weekend and championship game in both the Masters and Elite levels. You guys are incredible ambassadors of the game. Aloha!