MCLA Division 2: The Expansion Pack


It’s been a while, my friends. Time for another post-full of some Flying V goodness.

In my last post, I realized I left out a small detail. I was going to give a hint about what #3 was about. Well, I saw I left a question from post #1 completely unanswered.

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The topic? Division 2 Tournament expansion.

I am very cautiously optimistic about this. D2 doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to the national championship.

Strike #1: I can’t remember the year. I think it was ’06 or ’07. Some school from Cali bailed on the tournament early. They didn’t want to play in the consolation games.

Strike #2: ’07, I think. Some school from Michigan (I think, don’t have a good memory) bailed on the tournament entirely after winning their conference championship. A team from Texas graciously accepted their bid.

Ball #1: ’08. A school from the northeast was named their conferences auto-bid, despite not winning the conference tournament.

Aside from that last incident, which really isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things, D2 has had two clean years in the tournament. I applaud them for this. It’s about time teams across the country realize that they need to step up when their team is given a bid to the tournament, be it at-large or automatic.


I sense that something will happen this year due to the expansion to 16 teams. For most of the top 25, it won’t be as crucial to win their conference tournament. They know they’ll have a good shot at getting in with 4 extra teams.

It’s the conference champions that I worry about. The ill prepared teams who cinderella their way to a conference title. It’ll happen somewhere.

I really hope you prove me wrong D2.

I am slowly running out of topics. I realize that I said in my last post I’d take a look at some schedules. It’ll have to wait for next time. Early returns say that Westminster might have the toughest schedule in the country.

Other small tidbits:

  • I’m running out of topics until the spring. Feel free to suggest anything you want to hear about to @TheLax on Twitter
  • Biggest D1/D2 game this season? Biggest MCLA/NCAA game? Biggest MCLA/NCLL game? Let me know what you think.
  • Sorry about the long delay between posts, fellow All Stars. Sometimes, the real job has to take the front seat.
  • Stay frosty.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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  1. that strike 2 was because of Calvin, their conference lost an AQ for at least two years… so punishment served. Strike one has also happened to a D1 team in the last 5 years, so tough to hold that on just D2. That PCLL story is weird, but it is the MCLA's fault for letting each conference determine who to send. Overall, the D2 is still a young league trying to find its place… I do think you see A LOT more OOC games, so that is a good sign that teams are taking it seriously. I think they've earned their tourney expansion.