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MCLA Tournament: Lacrosse Photo Blog With Mike Brand

byu lacrosse houghton
Shaq laxer.

Editor’s Note: Mike Brand’s first Summer Lacrosse Photo Blog dealt with the end of the season at Brown, a little MLL action, and the very beginnings of the MCLA Tournament in Greenville, SC.  His second installment of the SLPB is strictly MCLA tournament, and the photos are coming in hot and heavy.  It’s making us wish we were in South Carolina ourselves for the games.  Hopefully we can work that out next year!

Now on to the photos, and the wonderful captions supplied by Mike…

gvsu lacrosse

GVSU was the first team to arrive.

mud lacrosse shorts

The conditions got a bit sloppy.

greenville south carolina clouds

The clouds of Greenville.

mcla lacrosse patch 2012

The official tournament patch on an Elon jersey.

lacrosse injury

Minnesota Duluth coaches help a player off the field. This game was epic.

lax bro mcla

Best hat/hair combo in the tournament.

lacrosse announcer

Tournament announcer John Shuet sequestered under his tent.

mcla lsm

LSM Problems.

grand island lacrosse graduates

Three Grand Islanders in one place.

red hot buffs lacrosse helmet

Colorado sticker placement.

WashU lacrosse iron men 10 players lacrosse

Wash U played the consolation game with only 10 dudes.

dayton lacrosse mcla

Part of the Dayton Army.

all minnesota lacrosse handshake mcla

A very Minnesota handshake.

ball boy lacrosse

Ball boy.

The MCLA logo on Day 2. Some wear.

chapman lacrosse huddle

The Chapman halting huddle.

byu lacrosse houghton

Shaq laxer.

ucsb lacrosse

UCSB goalie warmup with their halftime talk in the background.

cal poly lacrosse stretch

Cal Poly post-game stretch sesh.

MCLA playoffs sign

A little more proof "we are here".

Great stuff from Mike Brand!  He’ll keep us visually updated all Summer!

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Michael Brand is the lacrosse coach at Texas State University. He enjoys upstate New York from afar, the Buffalo Bills, and the New York Knickerbockers.

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