UPDATE – MEGA Contest: Are You TotallyEpoch?


And Then There Were 5!

Epoch and Total Lacrosse have spoken!

They chose their Top 5 entries as the winners of brand new GoPro Hero 3+ Black cameras, in which they will have just shy of a month to use to make and even more #TotallyEpoch video!

The Grand Prize is still up for grabs and one of these five contestants will be taking it home!

Oh yeah, in case you forgot, the Grand Prize is essentially 25 complete sticks from our friends at Epoch and Total Lacrosse as well as a $500 gift card to use in store!

Now that is #TotallyEpoch!

The Top 5

Instagram: @evanherschi
Name: Evan Herschi

Instagram: @Mikefm2
Name: Michael Christopher Fygetakis-Mandell

Instagram: @smurphyyyyyyy
Name: Katelyn Murphy

Instagram: @dkells8
Name: Daniel Kelly

Instagram: @dylaneliot
Name: Dylan Smolla

Originally Posted on April 7, 2014 at 12:15 pm EST

Contests where you can win gear for yourself are great, but contests where you can win gear for yourself AND all of your friends? Well that’s even better!

We have teamed up with Epoch Lacrosse and Total Lacrosse to bring you the #TotallyEpoch Contest of the decade! There is a ton of top notch gear on the line, and the contest itself is going to be a ton of fun. So get your phones, videos cameras, and Instagram accounts on the ready… this is going to be EPOCH!

You can find the full contest rules here, and a more in-depth description of what we’re looking for here, but the basic idea is for you and your friends to make some amazing short lacrosse videos, upload them to Instagram, and tag Total, Epoch, and LAS. From this massive upload frenzy, the three partners will choose FIVE finalists, and those finalists will win GoPro Hero 3 cameras!

But that is far from the end of things!

Those FIVE finalists will then be asked to make the most, Epoch, creative, progressive, and engaging lacrosse video ever! The final entry videos will be published on LAS, and a real deal winner will be selected, and then showered with a prize pack the likes of which has never been seen before!

Check out the full contest rules, get involved, and be CREATIVE! We know the lacrosse community makes amazing videos. We just want to reward you for your dedication.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.19.31 PM

That’s a wrap!