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Missed Practice? Crank up Guitar Hero!

We’ve already established that multiple members of the LAS team are tech nerds. (I mean seriously, can you run a website without being a little geeky?)  My particular vice happens to be video games, which is why I was so excited to run across this article.  Researchers for electronic giant Sony (who obviously have no bias what-so-ever) have found evidence supporting the idea that video games may help athletes on the field.

“Last summer, Sony Online Entertainment commissioned a survey of parents with children ages 2 to 17 who play video games. The results indicate that parents saw improvements in hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, typing skills and even the ability to think strategically. And they’re playing in the company of others (a concern for years since it was believed that die-hard players become reclusive and socially challenged).

Hand-eye?  Problem-Solving?  Strategic Thinking?  Typing Skills? Are these not some of the major qualities a coach is looking for in their players?  Alright, perhaps typing skills aren’t incredibly relevant.  However, if playing a little Guitar Hero after practice is going to help you hit top shelf more consistently, I think you have a serious argument for having an XBOX 360 installed in your team’s locker room.

This is particularly good news for me, since I’ve fabricated similar statistics many times in the past while attempting to defend my very non-athletic habit.

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