MLL ASG: Mike Sawyer Shoots 114 MPH


Move over Mike Birney, Paul Rabil, Kyle Harrison, and Joe Vitale… there’s a new fastest shot sheriff in town, and his name is Mike Sawyer!

Sawyer dropped a 113 MPH bomb on his first try, and then edged the mark up by 1 mile per hour, hitting 114 on his second attempt. You could FEEL the power through the TV. It was crazy. We should have video soon, but for now, feast your eyes on this killer photo of the record breaking rip.

Record breaker comes at the 1:00 mark:

(Photo Credit: Kim Black)

mll allstar game 158_pe

That’s a look of pure intimidation! He is GOING to kill the net.

Kyle Hartzell (main image) is always fun to watch shoot his hardest, and he had one goal in the game that easily came from 19 or 20 yards out. #21yardbomsquad? Perhaps. Jeremy Sieverts (below) also looked good, but he wasn’t touching Sawyer’s effort. No one was!

mll allstar game 194_pe