MLL Training In Brooklyn: Speed Kills


Two weeks ago, I provided a video featuring a number of MLL veterans and hopefuls getting together for some preseason training. This past week, I headed back to downtown Brooklyn with the talented Bill Schick, and I trained with the MLL guys for a while, while Bill shot some stellar video.

You can read more about my struggles in last week’s Hot Pot, but check out Bill’s excellent video below to learn the most important rule for higher level lacrosse: SPEED KILLS!

Thanks to Mitch Belisle, Tyler Fiorito, JJ Gilbane, and Joe Moore for taking some time out speak with us, for letting me get in a run, and for striving to make the MLL as competitive as they can. Keep up the great work, fellas!

Thanks to Bill for filming and editing the inspiring video above. And to all the kids out there watching… pay attention! These guys are dropping knowledge bombs left and right. There is a lot to take in!