Monday Lacrosse Video Explosion

Chad Tutton UNC behind the back goal

What a weekend of lacrosse highlights!  Chris Rosenthall captured a great take on a sweet hidden ball trick and a behind the back goal that will blow your mind, and now I’ll run through all the great video action from the weekend sprinkling a little Monday cheer and commentary in here and there.

Chad Tutton UNC behind the back goal

When Johns Hopkins dismantled Albany, I wasn’t shocked.  Albany has some talent, but Hopkins is still Hopkins and they were clearly the better team out on the field.  The Hop highlights (below) obviously feature a ton of goals, but the G du jour was probably this Lyle Thompson goal.  412 said “someone” tweeted at him about the goal.  That was me.

Honestly, I thought Albany would be able to generate a little more offense against Hop, especially after they were down 5-1.  What did the Danes have to lose?  But they just couldn’t win possessions off the face off, and Hop kept up the scoring.  It was kind of like make it, take it.  If Albany wants to compete they NEED a good face off guy.  That’s a very simple fix that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Want to watch most of the Roanoke Vs. Randolph game?  Most of it is on Vimeo!

Roanoke won 26-3, was up 14-0 and managed 67 total shots.  If you’re a Randolph fan, maybe you don’t want to watch that.

George Mason scores a goal on Temple at the Beltway Bash.  Sidearm from 14 yards?  Why not.

I’m actually shocked that wasn’t a save.  Stick side high, side arm from 14?  Have to make that save.

Usually I don’t include high school highlights, but the recent Burr and Burton Academy win over Mount Anthony Union HS produced some sweet goals and good play.  Both of these teams are in Vermont, and it definitely looks like the game is improving in the Green Mountain State!

Finally, we have a quick video from Thailand… talk about growing the game!  I don’t even think this is an official video… but it’s good!  And it makes me even more excited to get back to Bangkok to GTG this Summer!

If you or your team is putting up video, there is a good chance we’ll talk about you!  If you’re not putting up video, then stop being so bashful and get your name out there!

See any other notable highlights out there?  Drop great links in the comments!