Monday Lacrosse Video Explosion

whittier lacrosse lifting
The gym is a great place to START this discussion.

Our collective lacrosse mind is boggled by how much great lax video was created and submitted this past weekend – a goalie scoring from midfield and so much more! But have no fear, you don’t have to wade through Youtube and Vimeo to find the best of the new new, because we have it all right here for you.  Let’s get this video started!

Virginia Radio Station Calls A Great Game

Honestly, when this came in, we thought it had to be due to some flub, or a joke performance… but really, these guys were good!!!!  We would definitely listen to these guys do the play by play and color on a televised game.  Quint and Eamon can’t make EVERY game, can they?

The Lacrosse Network‘s MCLA Video Is Obviously Awesome

At this point, we’re never surprised by great video from The Lacrosse Network.  It’s just what they do.  Loyola Marymount vs. Colorado highlights?  Yes, please.

NCAA D3 Video Highlights Galore

Roanoke – Dickinson highlights?  Don’t mind if we do!  Yeah, that’s a FULL game.

Whittier is out in California, and these guys are looking to get their program back to its former greatness.  Head Coach Brian Kelly is an alum from the glory days, has played at the HIGHEST levels, and expectations are high.  To keep the change coming, the Iron Poet has been born:

One piece of advice… Keep your back FLAT when benching.

Carthage takes on Mt. Ida, and Carthage takes on Hendrix.  These are some GTG games for sure!  Carthage (2-1) is out of Wisconsin, and Hendrix (1-4) is out of Arkansas!  Mt. Ida (1-3) is the old dog of the bunch and hails from Massachusetts.

We also found some pretty solid EndicottEastern Connecticut State highlights:

D3 Grows The Game!

As was mentioned above, DIII is a great place to see the GTG effort in action.  Lots of new teams!  And Rosemont College is no exception!  The school went co-educational in 2009 and added DIII varsity men’s lacrosse to attract qualified male candidates.  Looks like they can definitely make a good video!

Rosemont opened their DIII existence with a loss to Messiah, but have more winnable games coming up against Neumann and Alvernia.

UConn vs. UNH Highlights

Got some GREAT video that needs to be seen?  Hit us up!

whittier lacrosse lifting
Get big Poets!