Music Monday: A Tribe Called Red


Last week, my dear friend and East Coast LAS partner in crime, CW, put me onto the group A Tribe Called Red. The first time I read his message, I quickly dismissed it because I thought he had suggested that I feature A Tribe Called Quest on Music Monday, even though I try to bring you new music as much as I can.

Realizing that someone as “in the know” as CW is with music wouldn’t give me such an obvious throwback for my next MM, I checked back on the message to find that I was in fact the ignorant one.

He had dropped some knowledge on me with ATCR, which creates an incredibly interesting combination of traditional Native American and electric music – a perfect mash-up of genres for sweet sweet lax that pays due respect to the original warriors of our beautiful game.

ATCR recently dropped their latest album, Nation II Nation, which includes tracks like “Sisters” and “Bread and Cheese” below. CW put it best, this music “Makes me want to play lacrosse!


Northern Cree – “Red Skin Girl (A Tribe Called Red Remix)”

“Sisters (feat. Northern Voice)”

“Bread and Cheese (feat. Black Bear)”