Music Monday: A Big Gigantic President’s Day


Happy President’s Day to the LaxAllStars nation! We hope everyone is enjoying a three day weekend and let’s remember to thank President Washington for allowing the celebration of his birthday to always fall on a Monday.

For us here at LAS, celebrating George’s birthday (as well as the lives and the work of the rest of our presidents) means we need to do something grand, something BIG, something…GIGANTIC. Well what do you know – the president of mixology Big Gigantic just dropped an entire album full of boombastic, funky instrumental tunes for us to celebrate to – The Night Is Young.

Big Gigantic is no newcomer to Music Monday – the Boulder-based group appeared on The Nemo Edition and A Night’s Worth of Music Monday. Usually, I love bringing completely new artists into your music library but in this case, their new album is just too good to let pass.

The good news? The Night Is Young is available for free download all over the web, including on Big Gigantic’s website, though both the site and I encourage you to purchase the album and support the artist – it is well worth it!

Wait…it gets better? Yes! Big Gigantic is currently touring, playing shows almost every night. Right now they are working their way through New England, will soon travel down most of the east coast and southeast, and eventually land back on the west coast and their home of Colorado in March.

Here’s a sampling of my top three tracks from the album. Enjoy!

Blue Dream

From Dusk Till Dawn

The Night Is Young (feat. Cherub)