Music Monday: Bongo Love

bongo love
Bongo Love is no stranger to NYC. The partnered with Dispatch in 2007 to play 3 sold out shows at MSG.

This week’s Music Monday provides a great follow up to last week’s posts on Glen Campbell and State Radio! We decided to take Music Monday on an International kick and feature the band Bongo Love, from Zimbabwe. This foursome of talented musicians was formed in Zimbabwe, but is no stranger to the United States. Some lacrosse fans might remember Bongo Love from a lot of their past shows with Dispatch – a highly popular band among many in the lacrosse community.

Bongo Love describes their style of music as “Afrocoustics,” a fusion of guitar and traditional African acoustics and percussions. The band is know for their incredible energy and positive disposition. They’ve been coined by CNN as “Ambassadors of Hope” for their nation.

“Their music carries the story of Zimbabwe, the good and the bad, but the beat and the energy of the band has is all positive. It’s music with a story, it’s music that matters,” said Kevin Dugan, who has worked with the band in the past and has booked them for his FIelds of Growth benefit in Manhattan this Thursday. All are welcome to attend a HOPEFUL gathering of lacrosse friends. Click here for more information from the Facebook Event page.