Music Monday: Goon Hand 2

Baer C00n the Ewokk
Goon Hand 2

After a brief hiatus from Music Monday I’m back with a treat for you! Desmond Bailey aka Baer C00n The Ewokk’s Goon Hand 2. You may remember us mentioning Des in an October edition of End Caps. For those of you just hearing of Baer Coon for the first time, Bailey is a goalie for the Chicago Outlaws, a semi-pro box team which plays in the CILL. Des’ colorful and eccentric nature makes for a great character in the cage and on the mic.

Bailey says while his name, Baer C0on the Ewokk, can be perceived as “racist” or “politically incorrect,” Desmond doesn’t see it like that and claims it is a play on character names from Inglorious Bastards.

When asked how he’d describe his music Des had this to say:

I’ve always label myself as ” POP CULTURE HIP-HOP ” due to that fact that the things I rap about are all focused on 90s TV shows, action movies, comedy movies, basketball players breaking their legs and Sean Kingston being not so good at Wave Race 64. My music is modeled and sculpted after the person I am and the things I enjoy in my life. I don’t wanna be one of those rappers that say he has held a gun, came from a rough upbringing and “gets money all day err day” when that’s so far from the truth. I’m what Theo Huxtable would sound like if he was rapper. I’m upper middle class as f*** and proud of it.

In additon, Des believes that people should listen to his music because:

I have so much to bring to hip-hop and it’s only the starting line for me taking this music thing seriously. Some people are afraid of getting into some music; I’m one of those you don’t need to be afraid of. My music is like going to your first big house party and you don’t want it to end. Plus I put on for LACROSSE so hard. It would be something if the Ewokk was played in NLL, MLL, COLLEGE and HIGH SCHOOL locker rooms all around the world. I love this game and I wanna give back to it any and every way I can, and in the art form of hip hop is it my mission to accomplish.

Follow up on Desmond’s mission by reading this great post from DNAinfo Chicago or check out his tunes on Soundcloud or Facebook! Check out the LAS and #GrowTheGame shoutouts in Goon Hand 2!

Disclaimer: The following content contains adult language and themes

Des also dropped a bonus “#GrowTheGame” freestyle over Drake’s “Poundcake” beat.

Keep making music and growing the game Des!

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