Music Monday – John Butler Trio

John Butler Trio

Hello frosty laxers across the nation! I hope everyone is surviving the winter blast that has reached just about every corner of the country these past couple of weeks. In order to warm things up, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the new John Butler Trio album, Flesh and Blood. We featured some JBT on Music Monday in the Ocean Music edition and hopefully you’ve had the chance to do some further listening since. If not, now is the time.

In my eyes (or ears), John Butler is one of the best musicians out there. His music career began when he was young and living in Australia, learning to play music from a diverse range of genres on an old dobro. Now, although he can play a number of different instruments, his ability to solo, riff, and pick better than just about anyone shows in his concerts and in his recordings. It’s one thing to be a phenomenal guitarist but he continues to evolve and strive for new sounds, which can be heard throughout his albums.

Flesh & Blood is the most recent installment of JBT’s musical journey and John Butler has said it is a great representation of the where the band is at musically and spiritually. I’ve selected three of my favorite tracks from the album thus far, but I can already tell that Flesh & Blood deserves a few thorough listenings.
“Living In The City (Acoustic)”

“Spring To Come (Acoustic)”
“How You Sleep At Night” [Sorry, no video yet – Spotify or iTunes are your best bets!]