Music Monday: LXM Takeover


Over the weekend while I was in Orem, Utah with Mark Donahue taking in the sights and sounds of LXM 801 I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and ask a few pros what they’ve been listening to. Check out Mark’s video below to find out; some of their responses might surprise you!

Interested in some of their responses?  You can find some tracks from the aforementioned artists below.

Erik Krum

Peter Baum 

Check out his self proclaimed “worst taste in music“. All jokes aside, P Baum was an extremely cool guy to talk to. I think we can all look past what he likes to listen to, after all, we all have our guilty pleasures.

Shamel Bratton

Johnny Rodriguez

Thanks for checking out this LXM edition of Music Monday. Be on the lookout for more LXM coverage and a special contest headed your way. As always, feel free to submit your favorite tunes in the LAS Community and let us know what you’ve been listening too. You just might see it featured here on Music Monday!