Music Monday: Oh, it’s The O’s

Music Monday The O's

Let me introduce to you the Dallas duet known simply as The O’s. Taylor Young and John Pedigo played together in various other bands before striking out alone on their guitar and banjo in 2008. These two can absolutely jam and really show it on their new album, entitled Thunderdog, which let’s be honest is one of the coolest album names out there…Is it a dog made of thunder? Is it a conjunct of ‘the under dog?’ It’s probably both and it’s awesome.

It’s unfair to compare The O’s to anyone really, so I won’t. What I can tell you is that they have a great bluegrassy influence and a bunch of uptempo hits just waiting for you to find. I’ve included my three favorite tracks from Thunderdog but if you like these, definitely check out older songs like “In Numbers We Survive” and “We’ll Go Walkin.” Enjoy!


Found The One (Live)

Cicerone (Couldn’t even find this one on YouTube yet!)

To Myspace we go!  (Whoa, didn’t see that coming)