Music Monday: Passafire

Passafire Music Monday

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Good Music Monday to all! Hope everyone had a great start to the week and a bag of grippy new lax balls to rip with. To close out your Monday, we’re coming through with a great new reggae-rock album by Georgia’s own Passafire. This band formed back in 2003 when a bunch of college kids got together and started experimenting with their sound, which has evolved into something on the edgier side of that chill alternative beach sound.

Passafire recently released their fifth album, Vines, which we will feature today. The band starts off with a smooth but convincing track, “Earthquake,” that definitely sets the tone for the album.

Passafire – “Earthquake”

The next track I wanted to include, “Invisible,” shows off some more of Passafire’s funky skills on the guitar. This one really highlighted how unique this band is and how they are set apart from other bands in the genre…These guys can rock out.


Another favorite of mine from the album was the eclectic “Stowaway.” Thought they did an incredible job of combining the earthy acoustic guitar, synth-ey arrays and keyboard to show off some raw musical talent.


One of the last tracks is a great, calm, guitar pickin’ closer both to the album and to your night. Wind down this Monday (or any night of the week) with “Black Dog” and be sure to check out the rest of Passafire’s discography or catch them on tour – they’re currently on the road with Slighty Stoopid and are playing almost every night!

“Black Dog”