Music Monday: Pregame Tunage by Tuni


This week’s Music Monday comes to us from another very trusted music resource. Patrick Tunison, a local Boise product and All American from Bishop Kelly HS, currently playing at THE University of Idaho. Patrick actually helped me to pick out the music playlist for my wedding and let me tell you, that party was rocking hard.

Tuni is always clutch with the hits, no matter the mood, the kid has the touch. He suggested I take a listen to this first tune and I was immediately hooked.

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Gatzby Remix)

You can’t help but zone in with this one. To try and match Tuni’s offering, here is another great tune that should help you get in the game mindset this week.

Yuna – Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

After you listen to it once through, you have to try something I found in the comments. Open the song in a second window and start it at about 3/4 volume. At 3 seconds in, start the other one at full volume. It’s subtle but makes for a complete listening experience.

Until next week!