Music Monday: Quiet Time With Quasimodo


Monday’s here and Radio Zarape is back.  So far we’ve visited the Sonic Garage, had a Super Happy Fun Time, and let Keith show us the folk. Now we round out the tour of Radio Zarape-ville with a chill out show with a new friend, Quasimodo.

Quiet Time With Quasimodo is all about laid back music, both new and old, that has been overlooked or under-appreciated. Hidden gems from artists you’ve never heard of and old favorites you haven’t listened to in a  long time, Quiet Time has it all.

Look for a great Charles Bradley cover of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” is in the first set of music.

More about this week’s featured show:

“This episode of Quiet Time features new music from Dengue Fever, the Donkeys, and Charles Bradley, as well as older favorites from the likes of Beck, Villain Accelerate, and Ratatat.

You’re guaranteed to hear at least one song you’ve never heard before, or your money back.

Take it to the bank, suckas!”

Editor’s Suggestion: Click here and open this week’s Radio Zarape in a new tab while you catch up on all the amazing coverage on the Lax Network from over the weekend.

Each Radio Zarape podcast is in collaboration with Lax All Stars and has a personality all it’s own. Catch up on the past episodes or visit for heaps of other archived content:

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Your suggestions will even make it into a special Memorial Day podcast next week! There’s still time!


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    As far as the shorts and reversible, the different splits on certain numbers was not intentional and it’s just the way they happened to turn out.  The tiger cub on the shorts you’re referencing is Clemson’s “gentleman tiger” logo with a lacrosse stick in his hand instead of the top hat he is usually carrying.  We usually have some fun with our fall ball gear and then scale it back to a more traditional look come spring time.

    I’ll see if I can get some better pictures up that might be a little more friendly to the eye.  Big thanks to Elevation for these, we’re pretty happy with how they turned out.