Music Monday: Startling Halloween Tracks

Michael Myers Halloween
Totally terrifying still.

It’s Music Monday AND Halloween?  Well that made this week’s MM a whole lot easier!  Little laxers across the country will be dressing up tonight and hustling after that elusive mother load of candy, college kids will be dressing up, and well… being college kids, and Charlie Brown will await the Great Pumpkin.  We all celebrate this ancient Celtic holiday a little differently, and good music only helps keep the party going!

If anyone creates a Halloween play list that does NOT include Warren Zevon’s Werewolves Of London you should leave immediately because they clearly plan on pulling a Michael Myers. You’d have to be criminally insane not to like this jam.

Want to terrify every single person that comes near your speaker system? Just pump this on repeat. I’m so… STARTLED.

If you don’t know the Monster Mash, you’ve been living in a dark subterranean hole, but this version has a LEGO music video to accompany it, and that’s worth another listen.  Respect the Crypt Kicker 5!

The Dead Elvi are perfect for any Halloween Hootenanny, which makes sense since that’s album where “The Creature Stole My Surf Board” appears.  Classic track.

We’re not picking this last video because of the song.  We’re picking it because the Halloween light show featured in it is insane.  You’ve probably seen it already, but if you haven’t, check it out, and it will give you something to shoot for at Christmas.

Michael Myers Halloween

Totally terrifying still.

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