Music Monday: Taking It G-Eazy

G Eazy

A friend of mine turned me onto Oakland-born rapper G-Eazy a couple of years ago after he teamed up with Hoodie Allen for “Lady Killers,” which was featured on his 2012 album Must Be Nice. I ended up seeing the two perform together in Boston earlier this year, which was a treat to say the least. Ever since, I’ve been loosely following this laid back, stylish rapper and noticed that he has been pumping out singles over the last few months.

Little did I know, G-Eazy is also a 2011 graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, where he majored in Music Industry Studies. Since graduation, it seems like he’s been blowing up on the hipster-side of the hip hop scene with a not-trying-too-hard kind of rapping style but a great work ethic in writing and recording.

G-Eazy has been stirring up even more attention lately, dropping popular singles left and right. So, I thought it was time to get them out to the lax nation. He’ll be on his cross country “These Things Happen Tour” this spring so try to catch him live when he’s in town!

[Warning: some explicit lyrics]

“Almost Famous”

“Been On”

“Far Alone” (Feat. Jay Ant)