Music Monday: The Justin, Justin & Co


Editor’s Note: Please welcome Nate Fritts to the Lacrosse All Stars! After spending a lot of time with Nate on the Rhino Lacrosse Camp Tour a couple summers back, we quickly came to respect his passion for all things music and immediately knew he would be our man for Music Monday. Nate hales from Portland, Oregon, played at Bowdoin College (NESCAC) in Maine, and now resides in Boston, MA where he researches concussions and brain diseases when he’s not laxing.

Before you judge this post and try to act tough, like you don’t get down with either of these artists, let me give you some background on the motivation for this post. At work, we’ve been having a debate about the better Justin…J.T. or J. Biebs. It’s an impossible argument to settle since Timberlake has been killing the pop scene for almost two decades but Bieber is quite possibly on top of the industry right now (say whatever you want about his talent but numbers don’t lie). I’m not here to settle this one, but I did find it appropriate to include in this week’s Music Monday. Since these are two very mainstream artists, I at least tried to bring you a few of their songs that are not necessarily radio hits, though they probably could be.

Justin Timberlake – “Pusher Love Girl”

Last week, J.T. dropped The 20/20 Experience, which was right on point for the quality we’ve come to expect from the former *NSYNC star. Everyone has been obsessed with “Suit and Tie,” which has been crushing the radio the last month or two. However, don’t miss out on the rest of this album. “Pusher Love Girl” (not to be confused with Mike Posner’s “Drug Dealer Girl”) is my favorite song off the album and is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in awhile, especially that breakdown around the 5:00 mark. If you’re down with this song, check out “Mirrors” and “That Girl” off of The 20/20 Experience for further listening.

Check it out on iTunes here.

Justin Bieber – “Right Here (ft. Drake)”

Oh, Canada! Ontario’s finest (non-laxers) come together on this single full of melodic vocals that let you know that, no matter what, J. Biebs and Drake have your back. I’m not sure how reassuring that is, but regardless, “Right Here” is a smooth, catchy tune for you and your love. I don’t know how Justin’s recent headlines have resonated with all the Bieber Believers out there, but I loved his tenacity after passing out on stage one night to come right back at the ‘razzi the next day when they tried to get at him. So who would fare better in box lax…Drake, injured basketball star on Degrassi, or Biebs, who keeps stealing the show at the NBA All-Star celebrity basketball game?

Check it out on iTunes here.