Music Monday: Video Music Awards Edition


Gaga doing Gaga things.

Did you check out Jay-Z and Kanye at the VMA’s last night? Tired of the Jersey Shore cast desperately trying to extend their 15 minutes? Recap all the VMA high’s and low’s in LAS’ all Video Music Awards version of Music Monday.

Baby bumps, Young Money straight croonin’, Yeezy dressed like a flower child, Gaga imitating Al Pacino in Scarface (or was it Michael Jackson, or John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or one of the greasers from Grease), or Chris Brown doing his best Peter Pan impression. What was your favorite part?  Why couldn’t Britney just make out with Madonna again?  Wasn’t that awkward enough?  Below are the video highlights!

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  • Young the Giant was by far the best part, the front man stole the entire award ceremony. Real music. Real fans.

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