Music Monday: What’s up with Aloe Blacc?

Aloe Blacc Music Monday

The incredibly-talented Aloe Blacc is back with a new release: a short album titled “Wake Me Up.”

Yes, you may be thinking that’s strange since Avicii has been blowing up the globe with his hit single with the same name – well here’s a surprise for you. Aloe Blacc provides the beautiful vocals for Avicii’s hit song, although he is not credited for the track.

Although he said, in a recent interview at the American Music Awards, that it is a little bittersweet for his fans, he explained that he liked not being mentioned on Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” because it means somewhere down the road, each listener will realize who they are really listening to and be pleased.

I’ve got to say, I like his attitude on this one and it continues to show his passion for the music, rather than fame or money. Aloe first blew me away with his old singles “I Need A Dollar” and “You Make Me Smile,” which brought him national attention.

With this new album, though short, Blacc doesn’t miss a beat. He provides five catchy and soulful tunes, including his “Wake Me Up” and “The Man,” a great song that you may recognize from the Beats by Dre Kevin Garnett commercial.

“Wake Me Up (Acoustic)”

“The Man”

BONUS (DON’T MISS THIS!): “You Make Me Smile (In a Subway Station)”