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Since we launched paid memberships at LAS a few weeks back, we have received a few questions from readers about how it will effect their content consumption – as in, will they still be able to get their daily dose at without paying?

The answer, in short, is YES. Non-members who visit our website will get the same kind of content they’ve grown accustomed to from LAS. Meanwhile, visitors with a Lifetime Membership at LAS will simply receive more. This means non-members may see prompts to join LAS here and there as they stumble across MVP content, but our general output of free content will still remain the same.

Here are just a couple examples of MVP content so far:

– How To Hit The Wall & Improve Your Game

– Casey Powell: What It Takes To Achieve Greatness

There are many directions we can take MVP content moving forward, and we are asking current paying members to help guide us there. Currently we are focused on two things: insight from the sport’s most recognized players (see links above!) and rich media surrounding exclusive content matter (i.e. documentary footage from my recent visit to Jamaica to grow the game) and special events (i.e. Powell Hour).

We decided to expand membership so we could better serve our readers and create a sustainable business that has a positive social impact on the greater lacrosse community. Proceeds from memberships fuel our company’s efforts to grow the game.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions!


Jeff Brunelle
CEO, Founder
Lacrosse All Stars


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Jeff Brunelle

Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

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