Mystery Gloves: Do YOU Know Where They’re From?

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Winning gear at lacrosse camps is pretty awesome. This LAS Community member did just that, except he doesn’t know what team these custom Brine King IV gloves are from. Have you seen them before?

manlyman1417 posted the following:

Ok so over the summer I won a pair King 4 gloves at a camp. They are obviously custom from some sort of team but for all the time I’ve had them I haven’t been able to find where they are from. On the glove is a custom embroidered logo-sheild that you can see in the photos attached. A team mate of mine tipped me off that it was a small d3 school in florida but through all the searching i’ve done, i haven’t been able to identify the team. Does anybody know where these gloves are from?

If you think you know what team these gloves belong to, or just want to guess, let us know on the original post!