Nationwide Indiscretions: The CCLA D2


Today, we will take a look at the home of last year’s runner-up, Dayton, the Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association.

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Without even looking at their schedules, I have high hopes.

Aquinas Saints

3/6 at Appalachian State

3/9 at Southern Virginia

3/11 at Coastal Carolina

Final Grade: B-. Nice solid effort there. I also like the fact that they’re finishing their trip up with a beach visit.

Calvin Knights

2/6 vs Wisconsin – Eau Claire at Northern Michigan

Final Grade: F+. Only one? Really?

Carnegie Mellon Tartans

2/20 @ Walsh

2/27 @ Southern Virginia, vs Appalachian St, vs UNCG at SVU

3/20 vs Butler

Final Grade: C. Not bad, not great. It’s an acceptable effort by the Tartans.More importantly, what exactly is a Tartan? Looks like a Schnauzer.

Davenport Panthers

2/14 vs Carthage

2/20 vs SCAD at Kennesaw State

2/21 @ Emory

2/22 @ Kennesaw State

3/14 vs St. Johns

3/21 @ Alfred

4/10 @ Indiana Tech

4/24 vs Walsh

Final Grade: B+. Not bad at all. 4 MCLA out of conference games against some great competition. Toughest games on the schedule have to be SJU and Emory.

Ferris State Bulldogs

3/5 vs Missouri Baptist

3/26 vs Indiana Tech

3/28 vs Toledo

4/15 vs Northwood

Final Grade: D. With only one true OOC game, against Mo Bap, They’re gonna have a tough time getting to Denver.

Grand Valley State Lakers

3/21 @ Butler

Final Grade: D-. Only one game. Against a non-MCLA opponent. Can’t make it back to the championship game with that kind of scheduling.

Grove City Wolverines

2/12 vs SCAD

2/13 vs Elon

3/24 vs Robert Morris

4/24 vs Sienna Heights

Final Grade: C+. Two games vs non-MCLA opponents, two game vs SELC teams. Tough ones at that. Bare minimum, but they got quality.

Hope Flying Dutchmen

2/20 @ Wisconsin – Stevens Point(UMLL D1)

3/6 vs Indiana(GRLC D1)

4/10 @ DePaul

4/24 @ Sienna Heights

Final Grade: D. Two D1 schools and a non-MCLA team. Effort, I see. Execution, I don’t.

John Carroll Blue Streaks

2/1 @ Kent State

2/27 @ Charlotte

3/1 @ Elon

4/14 vs Walsh

4/23 vs Indiana Tech

Final Grade: B-. 3 games vs non-MCLA team. But, they come back strong with 2 games against ranked teams from, in my opinion, the toughest division in the MCLA, the SELC – North.

Northern Michigan Wildcats

2/6 vs Wisconsin – Eau Claire

3/28 vs Toledo

Final Grade: D. Only one vs WEC.

Oakland Grizzlies

3/19 @ St. Johns

3/20 @ St. Thomas

3/21 vs Western Washington

Final Grade: A-. They have another game scheduled vs a non-MCLA, but I’m not too sure if it is a correct listing. They have 3 games against some really tough opponents.

Saginaw Valley Cardinals

3/20 @ Northwood

Final Grade: D-. Only one game vs a non-MCLA team.

Taylor Trojans

3/5 vs DePaul

3/6 vs Missouri Baptist

3/13 vs DePauw

4/21 @ Indiana Tech

Final Grade: C. 2 MCLA games, 2 non-MCLA games. Solid effort.

Dayton Flyers

2/12 vs Elon

2/13 vs SCAD

2/20 vs Harding

3/13 vs St. Johns

Final Grade: A. Probably the best OOC schedule I’ve seen thus far, but I’m only 3 conferences in.

Michigan-Dearborn Wolves

3/13 @ Augustana

3/14 vs Palmer

3/20 @ Sienna Heights

Final Grade: C, for now. Not bad at all. I know nothing about Augustana or Palmer.

Overall, The CCLA did very well in their scheduling this season. I see a lot of marquee matchups, including a possible tournament game in Dayton vs St. Johns. I’ll give the conference as a whole, a grade of B. Every team had an out of conference game of some kind.

Speaking of the CCLA, I will mention that I’m a huge lax shorts junkie. I constantly search eBay for different pairs. Now, I don’t really get them from just any school. I have a weakness for MCLA schools. I got my most recent pair of shorts a few days ago.  Nike Michigan shorts circa 2008, I believe. I’m hoping some of that skill will rub off when I wear them. I’ve got a few other pairs from MCLA schools.

Colorado State (Gold)
Colorado State (Black)
Minnesota - Duluth (Maroon)
Michigan (White)

The only pair from D2 I have are the ones I wore when I played for Charlotte, and I’m a bit disappointed by this. I’ve looked around a little bit and can’t find any schools that sell them. I tried the Coast Guard Academy, but never got a response.

The challenge has been issued, D2. I want your shorts.

The Future:

  • Practice started on January 20th.
  • Season starts on February 6th.
  • I’m excited. Haven’t played in a spring season since the 2007 season.
  • UMLL is next.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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