Nationwide Indiscretions: The PCLL D2


Today we’re heading north a bit to look at the MCLA’s Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League.  Did they test themselves with strong out of conference games?

Editor’s note: Catch up with the first installment of Nationwide Indiscretions and a look at the SELC

Let’s start things off.

Briarcliffe Seahawks

3/3 Brookdale
3/6 @ Army Club
3/10 @ Farmingdale
3/17 Plattsburgh St
3/20 @ American International
4/7 @ Chestnut Hill
4/21 @ Army Club
4/24 @ S Connecticut

Final Grade: F. I’ll give them a bit of credit for scheduling 8 non PCLL games, but none of them count for the MCLA minimum of 2 games for at-large consideration.

Central Connecticut St Blue Devils

4/7 S Connecticut
4/18 Quinnipiac

Final Grade:F. Two non-MCLA games.

Stonehill College

3/6 @ Palm Beach Atlantic
3/7 @ Georgia State @ PBA

Final Grade: C. They get credit for actually playing some true OOC games.

Coast Guard Bears

3/19 S Connecticut

Final Grade: F. Only one game. And it’s non MCLA.

New Haven Chargers

3/6 S Connecticut
4/21 @ S Connecticut

Final Grade: F. Playing the same team twice. And they’re non-MCLA.

Bridgewater State and Worcester Polytechnic get an F- for not scheduling anyone out side of the PCLL at all.

As a whole, I’ll give the conference a good solid F. The only team making an effort is Stonehill. Step it up PCLL.

Next time, we’ll take a look in 412 land, the CCLA.

Also on the agenda, we’ll be taking a behind the scenes look at the UNCG program every week to give you an idea of how a team goes from nothing to hopefully joining the MCLA.


  • My Minnesota Vikings BEAT the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.  If you cheered for the Cowboys, I don’t like you.
  • #4 rules all.
  • One week left of winter break. Really need to start working out again.
  • Can’t wait for practice to resume, too
  • Carroll to Seattle, McGwire did steroids. Give me some real sports news.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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  1. Cam, I saw this and was really dissapointed in the PCLL, overall. I dont think the MCLA would be missing too much if the PCLL D2 just decided to leave the league. I'd be very very happy if they started to follow their D1 counterparts. BC, Northeastern and BU are all some very good teams who schedule a decent number of out of conference games on the reg.

    Big guy, you're gonna be waiting for a while. the LSA will be the last conference I go through.