Navy SEAL Athletes And Lacrosse


Lacrosse has a longstanding tie with the military in the United States. The service academies offer strong teams, with rich histories, and a number of graduating college players from non-service schools choose military careers upon finishing, and another number also participate in ROTC programs.

There is a certain amount of crossover between being a soldier and playing a sport that has been dubbed “the little brother of war”, amongst more peaceable names. The Navy SEALS definitely seem to recognize this similarity, and it should come as no surprise that a number of their members played college lacrosse… and some of these guys were captains and national champions.

You might recognize the first SEAL to speak, LCDR Rorke Denver, in the video above, as he was also featured in a NY Times article about the SEAL movie, Act of Valor, in which he also performed.

The Times article is definitely worth a read, even if you have read it already, as it paints a picture of the Navy SEALS hitting the PR trail hard in an effort to recruit new members. The inclusion of lacrosse players in this effort should come as no surprise. The SEALS have a rich tradition of former lacrosse stars in their ranks, and it’s clear they’d like that to continue.