NCAA D1 Lacrosse Video Explosion & Play Off Thoughts

Loyola Lehigh Patriot League Championship lacrosse 2014

This week’s Video Explosion takes things to the next level. Not only is there a ton of NCAA D1 men’s lacrosse video, but there is also analysis, and things to watch for in thee coming days and weeks. It’s playoff time and the NCAA tournament hasn’t even started. It’s the busiest time of the year for college field lacrosse, and we’re all loving it!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase

Loyola Wins The Patriot League

Was someone saying that Loyola looked like they had peaked? I’m not buying that one bit. A 16-7 win over Lehigh and the Hounds are clicking. They play a good team game, maintain roles but can switch them up, and they keep pressure on for a full 60 minutes. Loyola is dangerous. Watch out, it’s not all about the ACC. That being said…

ACC Parity Fest

The ACC playoff games were all tight. People have been saying these are some of the best teams in the country all season, and they all proved they can hang and play. No surprises there, and no real weaknesses. Just lots of really good lacrosse. If you bet that an ACC team will win the title this year, you have at least a 70% chance of being correct (according to my brain), as all six teams can be considered contenders.

Cuse took down Duke in one semifinal:

Notre Dame took down the Terps in the other:

Then Notre Dame took the ACC title in Year 1 with a big win over the Orange:

Randy Staats was electric for Cuse, and Notre Dame just did work all tourney long and took the title. Who is the best ACC team this year? The regular season says Maryland. The tourney says Notre Dame. General consensus says any of the six teams playing in the conference. We say four more games, and I’m not sure anything was actually figured out.

Cornell 12 – Princeton 10

Cornell gets a big win over Princeton. The win gives the Big Red a share of the regular season Ivy League title. Now it’s time for the playoffs, and they all important AQ. Cornell will play Penn.

Harvard will play Yale on May 2nd in the other semifinal. The two just played last weekend, with Harvard winning 11-10:

Hopkins Tops Villanova

Hop is looking solid! I love that because I picked them to win the title this year. I know, it’s still a crazy pick, but I’m sticking to my guns here. Villanova is a dangerous team, and beating them by six is quite impressive! Believe in the Hop!

Atlantic Sun Playoffs

Mercer is gearing up for their game on Thursday, where they face Richmond for a chance to play for the conference title. The A-Sun has been super competitive this year, and while none of these teams are true contenders, one of them is going dancing. That can be huge for any program in terms of recruiting and future success. Who is going to take the honors in year one?

Here’s a little Furman video from last week you may have missed. All about that first win for Furman over VMI!

MAAC Tourney Preview – Canisius

Can Canisius take the MAAC title like they did in 2012? The Griffins have some experience and some talent, but the MAAC is no easy conference for any of the teams that play there. Who’s coming out of the MAAC this year? Who knows? The answer is no one. I like Richie Hurley and Siena personally, but like I said, anything can happen here.


  1. Connor,

    Great post! I enjoyed reading it, and watching all the videos along the way. In the past year I have become more involved in looking at websites including and And obviously have started viewing a ton more. Nonetheless, I have noticed this year has been significantly more entertaining than the past few years. And reading this post has allowed me to realize, a good amount of the credit should go to the video explosion of College Lacrosse. Whenever I am on the internet I find myself, at some point in time, viewing an interview or various highlight reels. Another item I have noticed that has seemed to take a storm on the internet is photography. Browsing Inside Lacrosse daily, I have noticed that their are a ton of pictures of previous games. Although Lacrosse is becoming more and more popular on the internet, I would love to see it televised on Espn U more. Yes, conference playoffs are in session and there are a few games on per weekend. But, there are definitely plenty more games that could be televised. Maybe this will happen in the future, but for now I will enjoy the video explosion.