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New High School Lacrosse Rules: Goodbye U Shooters

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Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

The National Federation for High Schools Sports (NFHS) has released new changes to the high school lacrosse rules for 2015, and many of them echo the moves in the college game. While many of the rules will impact the game in one way or another, one rule will definitely impact a number of players, and that is the 4″ rule for shooting strings. Say goodbye to U and V shooters pretty much across the board at the high school level.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

To be fair, certain leagues, districts, and states don’t use the NFHS rules. While this group of playing schools is in the minority, some do use NCAA rules, and others modify existing NFHS rules to their own tastes. More often than not though, U and V shooters are really a thing of the past.

I find it interesting that the NFHS did not mandate college legal or universal heads. This move would have been costly, and caused an uproar, but I’m curious if it will happen in the future or not. Personally, I think it would be good for the on-field product, but I acknowledge it could hurt people initially in their wallets. For now, the 4″ rule seems like a decent middle ground.

The NFHS stated:

This revision will allow the ball to become dislodged more easily, thus reducing the risk of slashes and cross-checks used to dislodge the ball,” (Kent) Summers said. “This rules change will create more active play and improve passing.

I would tend to agree with that statement.

To read the full NFHS press release on the new high school lacrosse rules, click below.

2015 NHFS High School Lacrosse Rules

Other rules changes include defensive restarts, length of sidewall strings, the aforementioned 4″ rule, minimum players allowed, chief bench officials, ball retention, screens, diving, and wiping out 30 second penalties after a goal is scored.

It’s a lot of info to take in, and if you’re at all interested by, or involved in, the high school lacrosse scene, we recommend you check it out.

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