NLL Predictions And Previews: Week 4

Can Jammer and Rochester rebound?

Last weekend, we saw the Rock flag and flater, as the eager Philly squad took down the undefeated Toronto Rock. The Wings mounted a 5-goal 4th quarter comeback that was capped off by Drew Westervelt netting the game winner with less than 10 seconds left in the game.

Buffalo played spoiler to host Rochester, as the Bandits upset the Knighthawks on their home-opener.  The Knighthawks raised their 2012 NLL Champion’s banner, but eventually lost to their cross-state rival by a score of 14-13. We saw the much-anticipated return of Casey Powell – The 3 time All-Star scored 2 goals and finished with 6 points in his Knighthawks debut. Buffalo Bandit, Tracey Kelusky, scored the game winner with 12 seconds left to play and now the Knighthawks are sitting on an erie 0-2 record.

Can Jammer and Rochester rebound?

The Knighthawks aren’t the only team sitting on an 0-2 start, as the Calgary Roughnecks were handed their second loss of the season by the Colorado Mammoth. Those are two teams that you wouldn’t expect to be sitting at the bottom of their respective divisions. John Grant Jr. and Gavin Prout led the charge for the Mammoth scoring 8 and 7 points respectively, however, it was Sean Pollock who scored the overtime game winner and put the Roughnecks in the basement of their division, while Colorado moved to 1-1 on the season.

We also got to see rookie sensation Mark Matthews light up the scoreboard once again as Edmonton handed the Washington Stealth their first loss of the season wish a score of 18-10.  Matthews finished with 4 goals on 8 shots and also chipped in 5 helpers for a total of 9 points.  The Edmonton Rush went 4-4 on the power-play and also had 1 short-handed goal. It seems as if Edmonton has started the train rolling and should be a tough team to beat down the road.

There are 7 games this weekend so we should see a ton of super tight action. Making picks is getting tougher and tougher each week, which is weird, and this one might be the hardest yet, but we’ll do our best…

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  •  Minnesota Swarm @ Toronto Rock

Connor Wilson – Minnesota Swarm “The Swarm has to be hungry for their first win“.

Chris Rosenthall – Toronto Rock “Minnesota’s only played one game, and it was almost two weeks ago. 1: That’s a really weird schedule. 2: That’s going to hurt them against a team like Toronto, that’s had time to work on their chemistry“.

Ryan Connors – Toronto Rock “I’m following Rosenthall’s path of logic on this one.  Minny only has played one game so far and Toronto already has three under their belt.  The Rock are also coming off a close loss to Philly so you know they’ll be hungry“.

  • Calgary Roughnecks @ Colorado Mammoth

Connor Wilson – Colorado Mammoth “I could use the same rationale as I did in the Minn-Tor game, but I think Colorado is the real deal this year, so I’ll stick with the Mammoth“.

Chris Rosenthall – Colorado Mammoth “When these guys played last week, the Mammoth only won three faceoffs. Out of 28. If they can win a few more, this one won’t have to go to OT“.

Ryan Connors – Colorado Mammoth “Great game between these two teams last week and this one should be another good one.  John Grant Jr. and the Woolly Mammoth offense are starting to hit their stride and they are deadly”.

  • Washington Stealth @ Edmonton Rush

Connor Wilson – Edmonton Rush “Some say revenge. Others say repeat. I guess I’m a repeat kind of guy. This will be a much closer game though“.

Chris Rosenthall – Edmonton Rush “Washington didn’t have an answer for the Rush offense last week, and I don’t think they have one now either. By the way, Mark Matthews is already scary good“.

Ryan Connors – Edmonton Rush “The Rush defense is one of the best in the league and now they have Mark Matthews on offense, that is a scary combination”.  

  • Toronto Rock @ Rochester Knighthawks

Connor Wilson – Rochester Knighthawks “I hate making this pick, but I find it inconceivable that Roch starts 0-3“.

Chris Rosenthall – Rochester Knighthawks “Back to back one-goal losses, what a tough way to kick off your title defense. Things are bound to turn around for the Knighthawks, why not now?

Ryan Connors – Rochester Knighthawks “The good news is the K-hawks got Powell back.  If Jammer can start putting shots on net and the defense stops giving up silly goals, there is no reason this team can’t climb back to the top of the East”.  

  •  Philadelphia Wings @ Buffalo Bandits

Connor Wilson – Philadelphia Wings “If Philly keeps staying out of the box, they can win any game“.

Chris Rosenthall – Philadelphia Wings “Okay, I’m convinced. After two weeks, I’m betting on the Wings. Their offense and defense are both solid. Too much of each for the Bandits”.

Ryan Connors – Philadelphia Wings “This game is going to be a run and gun type game.  The youth of the Philly squad and physicality of their defense will slow down the Bandits offense.  Will they have an answer for Dhane Smith though? We will see”.  

  • Washington Stealth @ Minnesota Swarm

Connor Wilson – Minnesota Swarm “One of these Swarm picks HAS to be right, right?”

Chris Rosenthall – Minnesota Swarm “Minnesota’s game on Friday shows them what they still need to work on, and they get it together for the Saturday game. By the way, two games (one home, one away) in two nights, after only one in two weeks? What is with this schedule?

Ryan Connors – Minnesota Swarm “Youth and Revolt Swarm leave this weekend winning at least one game.  A plethora of young talent and Shayne Jackson is the real deal“.

  • Calgary Roughnecks @ Philadelphia Wings

Connor Wilson – Calgary Roughnecks “The Wings lose a game. It was bound to happen. Calgary needs the win if my earlier picks pan out, and Philly could be a little beat up from a physical game the day before“.

Chris Rosenthall – Philadelphia Wings “I bet the Wings give up the most goals they have all season, but still go to 4-0. Sorry in advance for jinxing you guys”.

Ryan Connors – Calgary Roughnecks “Calgary can’t leave this weekend without stealing at least one game from somebody, and now that Rosenthall has jinxed them….no thank you“.

Overall Running Tally:

Connor Wilson (4-6)
Chris Rosenthall (2-8)
Ryan Connors (2-8)

Make sure you catch all the games this weekend.  If you want to tell us your picks or you didn’t understand any of my pop-culture references, let us know. Leave a comment or tweet us @connors36!