No One On The Corner Has Flow Like Us

Tulum Mexico hammock ocean beach
It's very nice down there!

It’s true.  Our flow is pretty unparalleled.  But it’s also a bit shy, so it only reveals its true awesomeness in those very rare instances.  To catch it on film in all of its glory is statistically impossible.  But stats lie sometimes, and this photo is proof of that.  Soak in the flow, tone down your jealously, ans then get the lowdown on the week’s lax happenings.

Connor flow hair mexico

Mexico brought out the flowiness.

Connor was in Mexico for some dear friends’ wedding and the formation of something called the Vacation Club.  Jeff met up with a number of other LAS writers and readers and headed to Vegas to play some lax.  And in the meantime, we may have missed some noteworthy lax info, so it’s time to play a little catch up on a Friday!


Lacrosse Iowa wondered about Boston Lacrosse, because it seems like BU is thinking about adding lax to its varsity ledger. And Iowa Lacrosse loves D1 growth stories! BU doesn’t have a football team or a baseball team, and their best sports are hockey and crew… and women’s lacrosse.  Lots of students from Massachusetts and New York attend school there and since they used to have a football team, they already have a great location for lacrosse.  It’s a no brainer, and as someone born in Boston, I can’t wait to see it happen.  Of course it’s still only a hope right now.  But that’s how Star Wars was won so…


Mark Dixon, knowledgeable man about lacrosse, goes over what he thinks worked and didn’t work with the experimental fall ball rules on IL.  He says shot clocks worked, but that officials can’t keep shot clocks.  They need to be visible shot clocks.  But one simply can’t say that the shot clock worked great and then say it can’t be done that way again.  That doesn’t make any sense.  He makes no mention of whether the games he watched/reffed used visible shot clocks or clocks kept by refs and what the differences were.  So his argument is less than convincing, but interesting as another anecdotal point of view.

Other than his shot clock argument, Dixon does a great job of breaking down how we thought the rules impacted games.  The debate rages on.  Well worth a read.


Some very sad news out of Colby College in Maine.  Derrik Flahive, class of 2013, passed away while abroad.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Colby community, and everyone who knew Derrik.  With the passing of BC lacrosse player Michael Racanelli, it has been a tough week for the lacrosse community, but an even tougher week for the families and friends of these two young men.  We wish them all the best.


Want to know the best of the best of what is going to be on TV this weekend?  Check out Drofdarb Sports for the low-down via The Triple Dub.  BC is simply a gifted sports writer, and we’re super thrilled to have him on board.  If you can appreciate the occasional Boise State lovefest, you’ll be in heaven.


There were some Mass-acentric highlights from the UMASS Fall Classic over on, and there are definitely some ballers out there.  Sean Morris was there, and he’s a total Masshole (that’s a good thing for those not from the Commonwealth) and the boys got to play on turf, grass and mud.  Nor’easter style.


412 asked why teams are “Gaming in November” and although we think he makes some good points, we’ve got a couple of our own.  First off, some of the teams playing in November are some of the best in the MCLA, so it’s pretty likely that it’s not hurting them.  The other is that a shortened fall ball emulates what NCAA teams do, but why does an MCLA teams need to emulate NCAA teams?  There are often many correct answers to any one question.  So what do you guys think?  It’s a great topic of debate!

412 also has highlights from Princeton’s 2001 National Championship team, which are pretty sick.


24SevenLax keeps it rolling each Fin de Semana with their Friday Quick Hits.  This week’s isn’t up yet, but it’s always killer.  Check out last week’s Episode 8 and check back for Episode 9!


Finally, we’ve got a NO FILTER ALERT.  Over on Swanklax’s CAC to the CAC blog, the heat is simply flying.  The language is more than a little questionable, so if you’re not into swearing and overt talk about anything, maybe leave it alone.  But if you’re looking for the dirtiest of the dirt around lacrosse, it’s there.  But there is also something else going on there, and it’s the evolution of another possibly talented lacrosse writer.  Swank has made some mistakes, but he also answers for them, and we think he’s interesting.  So what do you guys think?


Ok, let’s end on a high note…  Who wants to help organize a lacrosse tournament in Tulum, Mexico?  It’s amazing down there.

Tulum Mexico hammock ocean beach

It's very nice down there!

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  • Connor, you just went to Tulum? I was just there on Thursday. Honeymoon cruise to Cozumel and took an excursion there. It was ammmmazing. I even told the lady how awesome would it be to organize a lax tourney there. It was unbelievably beautiful.

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