Norway Lacrosse: BI Lions Host Tryouts!

Norway Lacrosse BI LIons lax
Getting a little more physical.

The BI Lions are a lacrosse club in Norway associated with BI University in Oslo. We’ve talk about Norway Lacrosse before on LAS, and our focus has often been on the BI Lions. They’re a great group of guys, who love lacrosse! That’s enough for us.

On September 1st and 2nd, the BI Lions will be holding tryouts, and to get people ready for what they should expect, the Lions put together a great little promo video:

Two things definitely worth noting in the video:

1) At the :15 second mark, right near the beginning, we see a very familiar pair of shorts. Perfect for the gym during preseason training!

2) At the 1:11 mark, we are treated to what just might be the best “roll dodge” ever. Even the legendary Mike Powell would be proud!

Good luck to the BI Lions, and ALL the teams and players involved in Norway Lacrosse this year! Keep Growing The Game!