OCC Wins NJCAA Title 15-11, Finishes 18-0


Onondaga Community College has claimed their 5th straight national title in the NJCAA ranks with a 15-11 win over Nassau Community College. The game was played on Long Island, at Mitchell Field, near Nassau’s campus and Hofstra.

Ordinarily, for a national championship game, you’d expect the stands to be packed with the Long Island lacrosse faithful, but surprisingly, the crowd was sparse. Not surprisingly, the crowd was very vocal, which helped make an intense game even more spirited, and very much divided down the middle for OCC and NCC.

Onondaga raced out to an impressive lead early on, and it looked like the game would be over by the half, but Nassau showed a ton of fight, and clawed their way back into things, making it close in the third and fourth quarters. The game was physical, and while OCC was far superior offensively, NCC did not seem outmatched. It was a classic struggle, and OCC had to work for the win.

Some of the goals were absolute highlight reel material, and we’ll have a short video from the game up soon, possibly even tonight. For now, enjoy the photos!

There will be a full album up on our Facebook Page shortly!