One Of A Kind Mutant Art Lacrosse Helmet

art lacrosse helmet

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some reason, I feel compelled to get that out of the way immediately.

You may like this helmet, and you may hate it. You might think it’s an evolution in form and communication, and you might think it looks like a dog turd wrapped in tinfoil. That’s kind of the way art works, so I’m prepared to deal with the responses, no matter what they are… I think.

I had a decade old Cascade Cpro (it is the helmet that followed the C2), and the face mask was pretty rusted up so I decided to try my hand at an art helmet. We only DESTROY helmets when they simply can’t be used anymore. It’s a matter of principle. I took off the mask (with the intention of putting it back on) and got to work.

The first step was dyeing the helmet shell. Instead of a base white, I wanted a light color to work off. It was kind of like adding some pigment to gesso. I used some tape and stickers to let certain areas go darker, and others lighter. Then I got to inking up the helmet. Paint pens were the way to go here.

art lacrosse helmet

When my originality began to seriously fade, my artistic partner took over and finished the helmet up strong with an impressive megalopolis motif running across the back and some geometric/mechanical work on one side.

art lacrosse helmet

art lacrosse helmet

After we finished gussying up the lid, I put it on my shelf and didn’t think about it for months. As I have handed out more gear this Summer than ever before, my own gear collection has dwindled, and the art helmet popped back into the forefront.

art lacrosse helmet

I ditched the old Cascade face mask that was rusted out because I wanted to show the helmet as “new”, even though it’s old, and since I wasn’t painting the mask, replacement was the only way to go. I had an extra Warrior T2 mask laying around, so I stuck it in there with some minor modifications. And it actually looks pretty awesome.

art lacrosse helmet

How has that not been done before?

The shiny chrome certainly gives the helmet a pop, and the fact that a Warrior mask is on a Cascade helmet only adds to the immediate sticker shock.

So the question is, now that the original shock has worn off… what do you think? Is this good? Would you wear it? Or should we smash it with a sledgehammer? It’s clearly not as patriotic as the Team Jesse HeadWrapz, but it’s unique!

WARNING: Do NOT do this at home. Painting your helmet, changing the face mask… NONE of it. You will void the manufacturer’s warranty, compromise the design of the helmet and possibly end up hurting yourself. We don’t want that. This is an ART helmet, not meant to be worn or played in. Leave modifying equipment to those that don’t play, and helmets that can’t be worn.


  1. So I have a question… “WARNING: Do NOT do this at home… changing the face mask… You will void the manufacturer’s warranty”  Why is this? I have the same CPro lid, and absolutely despise the cage.  I would love to get my hands on another Cascade cage, or now that I’ve seen yours, replace mine with a Warrior cage.  Hockey helmets & cages are virtually interchangeable with almost all vintages & combinations thereof…? 

    Now that Bauer owns Cascade, any chance you think we’ll see any kind of crossover?

    Mind you, I’m not looking to put a BR LHN cage on a CPXR, though that would be sweet, but to be able to snag a replacement cage for a third of the price of a new bucket, would be great.

    That said… if you happen to have any other cages lying around, that you’re looking to get rid of, please let me know!!

    • the manufacturers design and test their helmet to meet certain safety requirements. By changing the helmet, you pretty much let them off the hook, because you modified the product, and it is no longer their creation… if that makes sense.

      It would be more ilke taking the lining out of one hockey helmet and putting it in to another. That would void the warranty too. Hockey helmets are sold as helmets w/o face masks and are interchangeable. Lax helmets are not built that way.  Nothing says they couldn’t be in the future, but for now that’s how it is.

      I’d say the crossover is doubtful. Neither Warrior nor Cascade would benefit much from having their mask on their competitor’s shell. So I can’t see it happening.

      Cascade bolts its masks on. Warrior attaches with screws. Warrior masks are easy to remove, Cascade masks are incredibly difficult to remove from the chin piece.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for more cages.