Open Letter To ESPN: Lacrosse Is Better Than Cheerleading

football on espn tv

football on espn tv

Editor’s note:  Muamer Razic is NOT happy with some of the recent broadcasting selections the leader in sports has made lately. We don’t have much of a rebuttal, but we’re extremely biased lax heads!

OKAY Cheerleaders, you are finally being somewhat recognized as a “sport”, but for me to turn on ESPN and see a cheerleading “competition” instead of a lacrosse game is unforgivable.

Now I’m not trying to hate (not too much) on Cheerleading, because I know for a fact that I can’t do those splits in the air, but I honestly don’t think that any of those Cheerleaders could play lacrosse. They might be too worried about breaking a nail.

I really have nothing against Cheerleaders, only when they are on ESPN and a Lacrosse game is not.  Seriously, I’m 99.99% sure that anyone out there would LOVE to watch, or learn about, the game of lacrosse instead of watch girls with too much make-up on jump around like wild monkeys.

I don't think this needs a caption..

BUT… The point of the “rant” isn’t to hate on cheerleaders, it’s to hate on you, ESPN (although I really doubt they are reading this). Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US, and probably the world, and you have the audacity to show a cheerleading competition instead of a lacrosse game?  I’m very disappointed in you.  I would think the world leader in sports broadcasting would realize that a lot of people want to see Lacrosse games on regular TV.  No, not ESPN3 or ESPNU, but regular TV like ESPN, or even ESPN 2!

Mikey Powell knew this was eventually going to happen. I think he intentionally hit that cheerleader as a way of saying “Stop hogging the attention!” Yeah it was an accident, but I think he did is subconsciously.

Now to lighten the mood and get the focus back on actual sports, I present to you… Blake Griffin and all 214 of his dunks.

I wonder what he would be like as a lacrosse player…


  1. It’s called supply and demand guys. Nearly every high school has a football team in the nation. Nearly every one of those football teams has a cheerleading squad. Plus think pop warner, college, alumni, dance squads, basketball squads, crossover interest with gymnasts, etc. Women are the great untapped market for ESPN and you can’t blame them for trying to tap into that. I am a lacrosse fan too and would much rather watch lax but think of it from a business perspective. This was one of the most poorly written articles I’ve read on LAS….a sound argument was not made. This ‘article’ was more like a whiny post on IL’s messageboards than an article. Lets keep our standards up LAS.

  2. ESPN going after an untapped market…

    Well, I don’t see ESPN having/invest in a “Cheerleading Only” news website with Cheerleading blogs, and forum anytime soon. Neither will they for lacrosse… oh wait, they do: Inside Lacrosse.