LXM PRO Tour Open Tryout Report: Joe Allen

LXM PRO tour open tryouts las vegas
Solid lax crew out in Vegas!

Editor’s Note: Joe Allen of HeadWrapz participated in the LXM PRO Tour Open Tryout in Las Vegas and he wrote up a brief recap of the event.  HeadWrapz was one of the headline sponsors of the LXM Las Vegas event, and we always love hearing about a guy stepping off the sideline and back onto the field, especially at their own event.  It’s what makes lacrosse unique; most of the guys in the industry are from the game.

LXM PRO tour open tryouts las vegas

Solid lax crew out in Vegas!

The open tryouts were a lot of fun.  They were held at Viper Fields in northern Las Vegas, about 15 minutes north of the strip.  The fields are two beautiful new turf grass fields with lights.

I showed up at 6:15 to get warm (I’m not getting any younger) and stretch, then shoot around a bit.  It was a bit on the cold side but not too bad, maybe high 40’s – but I did notice quite a few broken heads during the night.  I was able to meet some really good guys like Jon Namer, Kurt (US Marine), John, Grant and a few other local guys… sorry just can’t remember them all!  As we were getting ready the UNLV men’s lacrosse team started to show up and take the field.

The idea was for those of us trying out was to scrimmage the UNLV guys so we could be evaluated.  I would say there was about 15 of us trying out.  We also received a little help from the LXM pros like Mike Powell, Kyle Harrison, Shamel and Rhamel Bratton, Brett Hughes, Max Ritz and Brett Moyer.

We started out with some line drills to get loose, then some 2 on 1’s and then into the scrimmage.  It was a great run, and I’d say UNLV put more in the cage, most likely because they are a team that has practiced/played together and we all met that night, so we didn’t know where anyone was really going. But it was a blast, and it’s not often you get to take the field with Kyle Harrison and Mike Powell on your midfield line.

I hope that the LXM Pro Tour continues to have open tryouts wherever they go. Scott, Max, Xander and their team all did a great job. I believe it is great for the game, the players trying out, and the LXM PRO Tour overall, as they get to see some great lacrosse and find new talent.

At the end of the tryouts, Mike Powell took a minute to say a few words that support exactly what most of us feel.  He spoke about how great it is for him to be able to come out to Las Vegas on a Friday night in December and play lacrosse with 40 guys.  I felt the same way; I grew up on Long Island in the early 80’s and was one of the few that carried a lacrosse stick. So when I moved out to Vegas for a bit a few years ago I didn’t bring my stick, no equipment etc. I just didn’t think there would be any opportunity to play. I was there 5 days before I saw my first game.  And I had my equipment shipped out the next day.

As for the tryout results, the LXM chose Kurt, the goalie, who is also a US Marine to play in the game. Congrats Kurt!

The game certainly is growing, and it is great to see.  I just hope that we all continue to respect the game, its players and the fans.  A good friend of mine told me something about lacrosse that I’ll never forget. He said, “It’s a privilege to play the game”.

And it is.

PS – I want to thank my wife, Tara, for being so patient and helpful with all the lacrosse games and events we work. She’s a trooper and I couldn’t do it without her!

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