Photo Blast: Ohio State vs. Michigan from the Sidelines

Ohio State vs Michigan lacrosse photo cred: LaxAllStars

I was lucky enough to get to fly back to Ohio for the weekend to attend the Ohio State vs. Michigan game to cap off Rivalry Week.

The “Showdown in the Shoe” was played about two and a half hours before the Buckeyes’ spring football game in an attempt to build awareness around the Ohio State lacrosse program as well as to build as large of a crowd as possible to boo Michigan for the first time ever in the historic Horseshoe.

The game was all it was hyped up to be. Fans were there wearing Ohio State and Michigan (mostly football) apparel, and many had never seen lacrosse before in their life. Ticket prices were lowered from the $20 range to $5 to attract more spectators on the fence about either, or both, of the events.

I spoke with a family of Michigan fans from the Columbus area, who came out sporting Wolverine gear. Although they had never seen lacrosse before, they simply took the opportunity to take the kids out to a sporting event and it’s not often a family can watch football in the Shoe for $5.

Some came early just to get a front row seat for the football game, but coming early wasn’t much of a chore for these football fanatics. as they got to root on their beloved Buckeyes against That Team Up North, and the love to cheer against them.

Since the BIG10 Network had exclusive rights to the footage we could only take pictures during the game.

Here’s a look at the game from the sidelines:

Special thanks and credit goes to Andrea Donahue for her help as a photographer for the weekend.