Photo Of The Week!


This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Andrew Amine (and Manny Cousman).  We’ll let Andrew give us the low down:

“Me and my friend (I’m in the jeans on the left, he’s in the khakis on the right) have been clowning around with some raps and spittin over some popular instrumental beats… We decided to go in my backyard last weekend to get a cover shot for out mixtape. So we trekked in over a foot of snow, I set up my camera, and we fooled around taking some pictures. I was really pleased how this one turned out actually!    We’ve dubbed ourselves the “Snapbacks” and our mixtape title is gonna be “Winter Ball” explaining the lacrosse in the middle of winter photo!”

Winter snow lacrosse snapbacks andrew amine
Just repose.

(Editor’s note: Andrew – you just won yourself a Grow The Game t-shirt. Send us your size & address!)


This one is something special – and it makes us all jealous.  This is what a home lacrosse office looks like.  I need a stick strung up by Kevin Flynn!

Lacrosse Home Office
I want this.

(Editor’s note: Kevin Flynn – you just got yourself some LAS Stickers! Email us your mailing address!)

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? If you see something, say something.