Flowseiden Halloween Costume Photo Of The Week!

3 - Published November 8, 2011 by in Site News

The Photo of the Week is back!

Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected as Photo Of The Week, you win something awesome from LAS! This week’s prize? A tin of eye black from our myth-busting friends at Farkas Eye Black!  You gotta look good to play good, right?

This week’s winner is Mykeal Wheeler from the University of Idaho.  His shot is obviously PURE intimidation!  Great lax photo MK!

Mykeal Wheeler Idaho lacrosse Westminster


(Editor’s note: Mykeal – you just got yourself some Farkas Eye Black! Email us your mailing address!)


This week we also have a very close second place runner-up! It’s not EXACTLY a lax photo, but Ricardo Mulas did Halloween in style as Flowseiden… and we love that super short old school green lax stick!  Nice dedication, homes!

Flowseiden Halloween Costume

Ricardo as Con Bro as Flowseiden.

(Editor’s note: Ricardo – you just got yourself some LAS Stickers! Email us your mailing address!)

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? Email it to us at! Make sure to use “Photo Of The Week” in the subject line!

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