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Can't get there from here.

Grow The Game Laces

The Photo of the Week is back!

Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected as Photo Of The Week, you win something awesome from LAS! This week’s prize? Grow The Game Laces/Shooters. You gotta look good to play good, right?

This week’s winner is Austin Carriere! Man Down Ball!

lacrosse photo

Can't get there from here.

(Editor’s note: Austin – you just got yourself some a pair of GTG Laces! Email us your mailing address!)


Our HM from Andreas Abrahamsen all the way out in Norway! The photo features Americans talking to Norwegians about lacrosse at the 2011 Copenhagen Cup. Do I spy the American Revolution team? It’s all about growing the game baby!

GTG Internationally

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? Email it to us at [email protected]! Make sure to use “Photo Of The Week” in the subject line!

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